SEO Q and A: SEMRush

– How to Find Gaps in Your Content Plan

– How to Quickly Overview a Niche

– How to Identify New Business Prospects

– How to Discover Your SEO Competitors

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How To Discover Your Competitors Based on Organic Keyword Positions

  1. Enter your domain name in the SEMRush search bar

    Making sure you are under Organic Research and find the Competitors tab.

  2. View Results

    SEMrush will list all of the sites that compete for the same keywords as the queried domain – based on common keywords and having a similar total organic keyword count.

Where does SEMRush get its keyword data from?

Keyword statistics are derived through an aggregation of Google data and several other proprietary data sources.

What are the best SEMrush Alternatives?

The Best SEMrush Alternatives:

Majestic SEO
Topics (by SEOmonitor)
Google Trends

What does SEMRUSH do exactly?

SEMrush is a SEM tool for professionals. SEMrush‘s main features are:

  1. Keyword Research.
  2. Site Audit.
  3. Keyword Ranking.
  4. Backlink Source
  5. Site Positioning
  6. Content Creation with Keyword
  7. Competitive Analysis.

Compared to LongTailPro Platinum, SEMrush gives a more detailed data.

How do I use SEMrush tool to Discover Your Competitors Based on Google Shopping Keyword Positions?

Go to the Advertising Research Competitors report to find the websites that are competing with your site the most among Google’s PPC Google Ads results.


This report works very similarly to the Organic Research Competitors report in that it measures competition level of websites by their shared paid keywords and similarity in total paid keyword count. Enter your domain name under Advertising Research and click on the Competitors tab to get the report.